How to make a SoundCurtain (2001)

Casting of a SoundCurtain prototype for Herman Miller

Electrical wires are installed on a MDF/aluminum mould – insulated at the cross points to create wiring for mics and speakers. Four rectangular wax patches are placed on the mould to form recesses that will later become NXT speaker plates.

Silicone rubber is poured over and worked to create a uniform 2mm sheets encapsulating the wires and just covering the wax patches.

Once the rubber sets, the curtain is removed from the mould, turned upside-down and a harder polyurethane compound is poured in the four rectangular recesses to form hardened plates.

An NXT exciter is glued on each rectangular plate and soldered on the wiring in the curtain. The NXT exciters induce vibration on the hardened plates that produces sound.

A mic is also soldered on at the middle of the curtain to pick up ambient noise.

Andreas Raptopoulos and Eugene Scourboutis filmed by Martha Sakellariou.

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