The SoundCurtain is an electronic device that creates algorithmic music that adjusts to the listener’s environment. Learn more at


Single Layer Prototype (can be used in combination with velvet and other textiles)

components: 75micron mylar film screenprinted with conducting silver/epoxy ink,
microphone, sound processing/producing electronics, NXT exciters
dimensions: height 2000mm, width 1000mm
weight: 0.75 kg


Multi Layer Prototype (standalone, aesthetic can vary)

passive sound atttenuation: 10-15 dB
dimensions: height 2000mm, width 1000mm
weight: 3.5 kg


A microphone located on the device picks up ambient sound. Electronics mounted onto the curtain process it using the A3 algorithms and generate a new (transformed) sound in real-time. The new sound is output into the environment by the vibration of the curtain itself.

The curtain is designed as a multi-layer membrane structure with ‘passive’ (sound-absorbing) and ‘active’ (sound-emitting) layers. The passive layer is bringing the noise level down by 10 to 15 dB. The active layer houses all the electronics and produces sound using flat panel speaker technology. The active layer can be used a the ‘core’ layer with velvet and other traditional fabrics.

SoundCurtain prototype spec


A3 algorithm

The systems relies on a proprietary A3 (Adaptive Acoustic Architecture) algorithm that analyses noise and transforms in into an evolving soundscape in real-time.

The A3 algorithm comprises a listening engine that analyses sensed sound based on principles of human auditory perception; and an algorithmic composition engine that composes sound in real-time using rules and behaviors programmed by the artist.

A3 composition software allows artists to create A3 soundscapes using rules and behaviors to define how their soundscapes are generated in real-time and how they respond to the user’s environment. Content is stored in a proprietary .a3 format which can be played on any A3-enabled device.

Learn more at


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